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About Horoscope Baby

Do you need the perfect gift to celebrate a newborn, christening, first birthday or baby shower?  Are you looking for a beautiful, thoughtful and memorable gift they will love?

baby-350Horoscope Baby’s exclusive range of baby gifts has arrived…

Our gorgeous Baby Onesies (packaged in a stunning gift canister) and our divine nursery Wall Art Prints all feature our beautifully illustrated ‘horoscope babies’ and a sweet little narrative about each sign.

Parents and grandparents will love reading about their baby’s horoscope traits and celebrating these unique characteristics as they grow.

Horoscope signs have always been a source of fun and inspiration in our family.  We have a little Pisces baby of our own and often have a giggle about his obvious Piscean traits like his obsession with water, his love of music (he's fearless on the dancefloor!) and his passion for drawing (on everything - arrgghh!).

Horoscope Baby combines our passion for gorgeous, unique, quality gifts with our love of horoscopes and all things baby! We hope you love our gifts too.

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